Monday, 6 November 2017

The Valley - A Project Gauntlet Mission (December 20)

Fresh off their bruising mission to Russia, David Grant's team find themselves rushed to Africa to try and locate the alien pilot of a downed UFO before their rivals from The Aurora Group can arrive. Stuck between ruthless warlords, mercenaries, and ancient legends, Grant's people face a challenge unlike any other they have faced before. With time running out and their very survival on the line, Grant must lead his people to safety from whatever it is the night stalking them all.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Thunderbolt - A Project Gauntlet Mission


A scheme born in the desperation of war lies dormant waiting for someone to reactivate it. During a dig in Russia, Professor Jeremy Hayes is drawn into a web of intrigue and lies. His colleagues are unaware of his situation and soon find themselves in a race, not only to help Hayes but stop a plot to kill millions.

Sunday, 30 July 2017



The Ryan Mitchell Thrillers-
Goliath (book 1)
Black Dragon (book 2)
Lucifer's Fire (book 3)
Hellfire (book 4)
Barracuda (book 5)
Nemesis (book 6)
Conquistador (book 7)
The Kurgan War - 
First Strike (book 1)
Colossus (book 2)
Trident Fury (book 3)
Vengeance (book 4)
Ghost Company (book 5)
Insurrection (book 6)
Renegade (book 7)
Crimson Fire (book 8)
Project Gauntlet -
Fallen Star (book 1)
The Founders (book 2)
Thunderbolt (coming soon)
The Alexander Scott Novels -
The Devil's Path (book 1)
Scorpion (book 2)
The Christopher Sheppard Adventures -
The Last Eagle (book 1)
A Fragment of Destiny (book 2)
The James Shaw Missions -
Incursion (book 1)
The Mountain (book 2)