Friday, 20 December 2013

Excellent Review - The Last Eagle

I have just finished another book by Richard Turner. The author has again managed to weave a fast action adventure story through another juicy slice of history.

As with most of Turners adventure books, the carnage meter is cranked way past 10 and no one is safe accept for our dangerous but damaged hero.

In The Last Eagle our hero Christopher Sheppard finds himself stuck in the middle of the fall out from the Russian Revolution in an attempt to rescue the last survivor of an aristocratic dynasty.

Typically we see the 1920s from the North American perspective of being a fun but crazy time, with a few gangsters thrown into the mix, but we forget that the rest of the world was in absolute chaos, and still recovering from the mental and physical scars of not only the first world war, but also political upheaval, nation building, as well as significant changes in social norms.

This back drop to the story provides a perfect adventure playground full of death, destruction, chivalry, light romance, plot twists and good old action packed moments.

A perfect Amazon adventure book to add to your collection.

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