Thursday, 4 July 2013

Richard Turner - Author of The Devil's Path, Goliath & The Last Eagle

Thursday, 4 July 2013

This interview was originally posted on Denise Greenwood's Blog. A fellow ebook writer, her insight and help has been very helpful in steering me in he right direction when it comes to the world of writing.

Richard Turner - Author of The Devil's Path, Goliath & The Last Eagle
I had the privilege of asking Richard Turner a few questions about his new books and his writing process. Richard has 2 books currently on sale and a third planned to be released very soon....

"I would like to thank Denise for generously giving me the opportunity to discuss my work on her site. Her help and advice in getting started in the world of ebook writing have proven to be invaluable."

What is the title of the book about to be published and could you tell readers what it is about?

"My book is called The Devil’s Path and is a historical adventure novel set in the 1860s in which a Union officer is sent to find a missing scholar and is soon pulled into a deadly cat and mouse game with an unknown and dangerous organization that are after a secret known only to the scholar.
The novel takes the reader on a journey from the US Civil War to London, France, and then ultimately onto the Ottoman Empire."

Does it fall into a genre or a crossover of two or more?

"It is definitely a historical adventure novel, but could also be seen as an action/thriller novel as well. The story is complete fiction, but I have researched the period extensively, so hopefully the history comes through in the writing."

Are you working on a new book at the moment and do you have a target date for completion?

"I have already released another novel entitled Goliath, which is a modern-day  action/thriller in which a secret lost to time when the British Airship Goliath disappears without a trace on her maiden voyage, comes back to threaten the present.
Additionally, I have another historical adventure novel coming out this month set in the 1920s. The Last Eagle, is a story about a race against time to discover the truth about the most closely guarded secret of the last czar of Russia."

Would you say that you are still experimenting with different styles of writing, or have you settled into one that feels uniquely suited to you?

"I would have to say that I write in a style that I am quite comfortable with. I read a lot of books by Clive Cussler, James Rollins and Andy McDermott and have undoubtedly been influenced by their writing styles."

Which comes first to you, story or characters?

"For me, I would have to say the story. I usually think of an event in the past and see how it could be altered or changed ever so slightly to allow my characters to be drawn into these events."

How do you approach character development?

"I honestly don’t plan that far ahead. I have ideas on how I would like things to go, but find that once I start writing, anything can happen and the ideas I had when I first started for my characters may not necessarily be the same when the book is finished."

At what age did you decide writing would become your method of creative expression?

"This came about a few years ago when I was serving in the Middle East. I had some spare time at night on my hands, so I started with a book that over the years would become The Last Eagle."

In terms of writing, what do you see yourself doing in five years? Is there a specific goal in mind?

"I would hope to be doing what I am today, writing and enjoying the whole creative process from the original inception to the final product. This after thirty years in the service is my ideal job."

If you had one piece of advice to share with someone starting his or her first novel, what would that be?

"Do not be discouraged if you send your work to an agent, and they reject or simply do not bother to reply to your proposal. There are so many venues open to today’s author that one can explore to get your book published."

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