Monday, 27 January 2014

The Christopher Sheppard Adventures

Book 1: The Last Eagle

Pulled into a lethal game of cat and mouse, Captain Christopher Sheppard finds himself pitted against deadly and ruthless Soviet agents bent on finding out the truth about one the most closely guarded secrets of the last czar of Russia. Struggling to understand what he has been drawn into, Christopher Sheppard needs all his wits to remain one-step ahead of people still fighting their own private war. From England, to France, from Turkey to the vast open steppes of Mongolia, aided by new found allies, Christopher Sheppard races to save someone from the clutches of a cruel and sadistic warlord before other equally determined forces can intervene and take the prize for themselves. 

Take a step back in time to the late 1920s. A time of change. A time when merciless men sought to change the world.

Book 2: A Fragment of Destiny

In 1918, a German U-boat on a clandestine mission to the United States vanishes without a trace at sea.

Ten years later, Christopher Sheppard finds himself thrust into a deadly race. He must find the truth behind the missing submarine, and why someone is willing to risk it all to stop him. From the streets of New York, to a cat and mouse game played out all across Europe, to the desolate shores of Greenland, Sheppard must protect the headstrong daughter of a US billionaire, all the while trying to keep one-step ahead of a man, blinded by grief, who will stop at nothing until he has his revenge.

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