Monday, 13 January 2014

The Last Eagle - Amazon FREE Promotion Ends 20 January

A Forgotten Secret.

A Lethal Enemy.

A Deadly Race against the Odds.

When a Russian prince is murdered in England, former soldier Christopher Sheppard is reluctantly pulled into a lethal game of cat and mouse. Soon he finds himself pitted against deadly and ruthless Soviet agents who are determined to uncover the truth about the most guarded secret of the last Czar of Russia. Sheppard fights to remain one-step ahead of people who still fighting their own private war.

From England, to France, from Turkey, to the vast open steppes of Mongolia, aided by a small group of Russian patriots, Christopher Sheppard races to rescue an innocent girl from the clutches of a cruel and sadistic warlord before it is too late.

Take a step back in time to the late 1920s, a time of change...a time when merciless men sought to change the world.


“This back drop to the story provides a perfect adventure playground full of death, destruction, chivalry, light romance, plot twists and good old action packed moments.
A perfect Amazon adventure book to add to your collection.”

“Billed as an action adventure, this book really delivers the goods. From the first chapter to the last, I was pulled into a flurry of activity that made putting the book down nearly impossible. I enjoyed the fact that it used traditional aspects of the genre without feeling stale or obvious.”

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